SECC accepts loan submissions and pays referral fees to approved partners under either of the below relationships.

Referral Partner

ο  Up to 1.00% paid to referring party on any loan closed ever with the referral.
ο  Apply online or email us the referral’s contact information with a brief summary.
ο  We will review the information, contact the referral and handle the transaction from start-to-finish.
ο  You will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process and wired your fee upon closing.

> Become an approved Referral Partner and start submitting loans today!

It only takes a few minutes, please fill out and send back our Referral Partner Agreement.


Preferred Broker

ο  Earn up to a 2.00% referral fee and on any closed loan originated by you.
ο  Issue your own terms sheets, private label our loan programs and SECC will handle the heavy lifting.
ο  Access our private Full Members page which includes dozens of customizeable templates, marketing, training and more.
ο  You receive preferred pricing and priority in underwriting, which means lower rates and your deals go to the front of the line.

> Become an approved Preferred Broker and start submitting loans today!

Gain Preferred Broker status by requesting our Preferred Broker agreement and paying a one-time $395 documentation fee on our payments page. Or, close a minimum of two (2) loans with SECC in a six (6) month time period as a Referral Partner, and get upgraded for free!