SECC accepts loan submissions and pays referral fees to approved partners under either of the below relationships.

Referral Partner

ο  Up to 1.00% paid to referring party on any loan closed ever with the referral.
ο  Apply online or email us the referral’s contact information with a brief summary.
ο  We will review the information, contact the referral and handle the transaction from start-to-finish.
ο  You will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process and wired your fee upon closing.

> Become an approved Referral Partner and start submitting loans today!

It only takes a few minutes, please fill out and send back our Referral Partner Agreement.


Preferred Broker

ο  Earn up to a 2.00% referral fee and a 2.00% origination fee on any closed loan originated by you.
ο  Issue your own terms sheets and private label our loan programs, SECC stays behind the scenes and handles the heavy lifting.
ο  Receive all benefits of our Full Service Training Membership including: access to training materials, templates, marketing and more.
ο  You receive preferred pricing and priority in underwriting, which means lower rates and your deals go to the front of the line.

> Become an approved Preferred Broker and start submitting loans today!

Gain Preferred Broker status today by subscribing on our Payments page to one (1) year or more of our Full Training Membership. Or, close a minimum of two (2) loans with SECC in a six (6) month time period as a Referral Partner, and get automatically upgraded.