Partner With Us

SECC accepts loan submissions and pays rebates to approved partners under either of the below relationships.

aBroker aMaximum Rebate & Fee Protection By Program
aEarn competitive rebates on a wide variety of loan programs aSmall Non-Conforming
aBenefit from working with a reliable and responsive staff that values your business aSBA 7(a) Unrestricted
aYou will be involved throughout the entire loan process and provided regular status updates aPrivate Money Business
aDon’t worry about waiting weeks to get paid, we will wire you your fee promptly upon closing aNationwide Bridge
aPreferred Broker aMaximum Rebate & Fee Protection By Program
aEarn bigger rebates, get better pricing and specialized programs aSmall Non-Conforming 3%
aBenefit from underwriting priority; receive loan offers and commitments faster aSBA 7(a) Unrestricted 1%
aLogin to our private portal which includes dozens of customizable documents aPrivate Money Business
aReceive marketing support and access to our Broker Training Report™ archive aNationwide Bridge 1.5%

Gain Preferred Broker status by closing 2 deals with us in a 6 month time-frame. Contact us today to learn more about our broker programs.